Engaging People for Nature, the movie.

It’s time to spend a few words on the project which, between ideation and implementation, has committed the last 4 months of this EVS. It’s a personal project and not, in the sense that in addition to me there are other 7 EVS volunteers that worked on it, all coordinated by DEINETA organization and all of them part of “Engaging People for Nature” project. Since … Continua a leggere Engaging People for Nature, the movie.

Conscious Participation

The activity of Regional and National Parks is not only dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and to environmental protection itself, but also to the activities that promote the dissemination and knowledge of these. Through the promotion of compatible activities and services it is possible to increase the awareness of natural biodiversity, seen as a common heritage, involving the local population in safeguard actions and … Continua a leggere Conscious Participation

Environmental Education @ Summer Nature Camp

There is an increase in the divide between the young and the natural environment, together with the social, psychological, environmental and spiritual implications of that change. This need for contact with the natural world is as imperative as good nutrition and adequate sleep. So, while multiple reasons give us less and less time to connect outdoors, more and more studies suggest that embracing nature is … Continua a leggere Environmental Education @ Summer Nature Camp

Championship of Medicinal Herbs

It’ll be an article about herbs, not the first time, won’t be the last one, but hey…I live in a forest 🙂 On Saturday 30th June there was the Annual Championship of Medicinal Herbs at SirvÄ—ta Regional Park. The decision to choose the region of Ĺ venÄŤionys stems from the notoriety that has always accompanied this region about medicinal herbs, it’s not a coincidence that the … Continua a leggere Championship of Medicinal Herbs

Midsummer Night: Lithuanian & Italian traditions

LITHUANIA The night of June 23, the Midsummer night, is the shortest night of the year. It is believed that this night is magical, a time for sorcery and spells to come true, and that herbs collected from the meadows acquire special healing and protection powers. In ancient times the Lithuanians celebrated the feast of Rasos (Dew Holiday), made sacrifices to pagan gods. Only when … Continua a leggere Midsummer Night: Lithuanian & Italian traditions

Field trips

This article aims to show two small Lithuanian jewels, the Museum of Ancient Beekeeping located in Aukštaitija National Park, near Ignalina and the Vilnius University Botanical Garden. I was lucky enough to visit them toghether with the children of ŠvenÄŤionys and Ĺ venÄŤionÄ—liai schools. It was amazing to see their expressions of amazement in front of the glass-sided beehives that enabled them to watch the bees at … Continua a leggere Field trips

EVS (European Voluntary Service)

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi Here we are, it’s time to collect memories and turn them into words. I’m Sara, an Italian girl who currently lives in Lithuania for an EVS project. If interested, you will find more about me in the “about” section. I will take this opportunity and this project to restart … Continua a leggere EVS (European Voluntary Service)